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Hello! We are Travis and Jessica Luke. Our family of 3 lives in the small town of Camas WA, just northeast east of Portland Oregon. Both of us were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. We love everything this area has to offer, especially all the dog friendly activities! Dogs have always been a huge part of our life and the Bernese Mountain dog has always been Jessica’s favorite dog. The beauty and loving personality of these dogs is truly unmatched! Sadly, we do realize that the lifespan of a Bernese Mountain Dog can be quite short, so because of that we decided to add poodle into the bloodline and create a wonderful family pet that sheds less and lives longer! Some of our puppies will be “furnished” meaning they will have the traditional long facial hair people think of when you say “doodle”. And some of our puppies will have the smooth face of the Bernese Mountain dog that many people prefer. They are both beautiful, it’s just a preference! Our puppies are raised alongside our 1 year old son as well as other dogs and cats. We believe that socialization should start very early so we do all that we can to give these puppies the best foundation for success!


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